Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Introducing Our Charity Rate

At Graphics To You we are pleased to offer a special discounted rate for all design work carried out for charitable and non-profit making organisations.

One such organisation to benefit from this reduced rate is the Kent based Dog Welfare Network, which aims to bring together dog rescue centres, encourage volunteer support and ultimately roll out a neutering and education programme across Europe. You can read more about their vision for the future at www.dogwelfarenetwork.co.uk where you can also locate dog rescue organisations that need your support.

Does your organisation need a new website or marketing package? Would you qualify for our special rates? We offer a 15% discount on the design prices shown on our price details if you represent a community project or local charity.

For more information please visit graphicstoyou.co.uk or give us a call on 07903602357 or 07729150019.

You can also email us at gty.harris@graphicstoyou.co.uk or complete our contact form at graphicstoyou.co.uk/contact_us  

A new website could get your organisation noticed!

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